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Leather Options

Leather Options

We are pleased to offer a large selection of leathers for all of your bookbinding needs. All of these leathers are fully vegetable-tanned and are made by some of the world’s leading tanneries.

By tannery:

  • Alran SAS
  • Harmatan & Oakridge
  • J. Hewit & Sons
  • Pergamena
  • Siegel Leather

Please Contact us if you would like assistance in selecting a leather for your book or Bible, or if you have any questions.

In addition, we also have access to a large variety of leathers not listed here, such as fine calfskin and bison, as well as exotics such as sharkskin.

Alran SAS

Located in France, the Alran tannery has been producing some of the finest leather for luxury brands for over 100 years. They are well known for their premium goatskin leather and the beautiful colors they are able to produce.

All of the leathers produced by Alran and offered here are vegetable tanned in a unique 23-step process that takes over three weeks to make each hide. This special process involves a lot of hands and working of the leather to give it a beautiful grain and a soft, supple feel.

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Harmatan & Oakridge

Harmatan specializes in producing the finest quality vegetable-tanned leather specifically for the bookbinding trade, and holds a high worldwide reputation among the craft.

Their leathers are created using traditional methods at their small, highly specialized tannery in Northamptonshire, U.K. All of the materials used are natural and are sourced locally. Each hide receives individual treatment, a process that cannot be replicated by modern production methods. The tanning technique follows historic tradition, using only Sumac and other materials of pure vegetable origin.

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J. Hewit & Sons

A 7th-generation, family run business, J. Hewit & Sons has been producing what is among the finest quality leather in the world for over 200 years. They hold a Royal Warrant of Appointment to the Queen of England as ‘Manufacturer of Leather’ and supply the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, as well as some of the finest leather artisans in the world.

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A small, boutique tannery now located in New York State, Pergamena has been producing leather and parchment since 1550, and remains among the world’s oldest surviving leather manufacturers.

Their hides are sourced locally from the Hudson Valley, and all of their leathers are produced using a refined vegetable chestnut tanning process.

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Siegel Leather

Leather merchants since 1917, Siegel Leather supplies some of the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather in the industry, and offer a large selection of leathers to fit any budget.

A 3rd-generation leather merchant, Steve Siegel holds a graduate degree in physical chemistry, and regularly produces analyses of his leathers by independent laboratories and makes them available to his customers.

Siegel Leather are purveyors of the famed Sokoto goatskins, as well as other unique leathers such as NTND (Native Tanned, Native Dyed) Traditional Red, produced exclusively in Nigeria from local biologicals.

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