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1560 Geneva Bible Facsimiles

1560 Geneva Bible Facsimiles

Or design your own bespoke 1560 Geneva Bible by customizing every feature:

  • Cover leather
  • Endpapers
  • Ribbon markers
  • Spine labels

-Add gift wrapping and a card!-

Custom facsimile editions of the original 1560 Geneva Bible

Custom set of 1560 Geneva Bibles fashioned in historical, fine leather bindings by Ben-Zion.

See, hold and read the Geneva Bible as you would have in 1560 with these historically accurate reproductions.

These are unaltered, unabridged photographic facsimiles of the original 1560 Geneva Bible.

The Process

We start with the photographic facsimile reproductions of the original Bibles as provided by the publisher. Then we carefully remove the publisher’s standard binding and rebind the text block with an upgraded, bespoke fine leather binding, custom made and available in a variety of leather and style options.

The price includes the cost of the original facsimile reproduction itself, as provided by the publisher, plus the labor and materials cost to transform your Bible facsimile into an heirloom made just for you, which your family will cherish for generations.

1560 Geneva Bible Facsimile Features

  • Measures approximately 11.25 inches tall, by 9 inches wide, by 3.25 inches thick.
  • Weight is approximately 10 pounds.
  • Computer-scanned copy of the original and printed on heavy, cream-colored paper.
  • Smyth-sewn binding for strength and durability.
  • Text font is approximately 10 point.
  • Margin note font size is approximately 6 point.

The Geneva Bible is perhaps the most important English-language Bible ever printed, and is the only Bible in history to exceed the King James in popularity. It was the Bible of the Protestant Reformation, and includes copious marginal notes from the Protestant reformers themselves. The Geneva Bible was the first Bible in America, and was the Bible of the Puritans and Pilgrims.

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